About the Mathematics Toolbar, the Drawing Toolbar and the Math Database

The Mathematics Toolbar is a document template for Microsoft Word designed to speed up writing of mathematical formula. The Mathematics Toolbar consists in two toolbars, one for writing mathematical formula and one for creating mathematical drawings. The Mathematics Toolbar is an open source development project, released under the terms of the GPL licence. The Mathematics Toolbar exists since year 2000.

The Math Database is a database written in Microsoft Access enabling easy storage of math exercices (or other documents) that are searchable through customizable keywords.

These tools run on any operating system supporting Microsoft Word and Microsoft Access, i.e. Windows and MacOS-X.


Note for Microsoft Word 2007 users - June 23, 2008

The equation editor shipped with Microsoft Word 2007 has been completely redesigned, causing my Math Toolbar to be deprecated. Please consider using the shipped equation editor instead.

Upon demand, I may write a tool to convert formulas written using the Math Toolbar into Microsoft Word 2007's format.

News - October 4, 2007 - Updated the Math Toolbar

The Math Toolbar has been updated. A lot of redesign has been made to hopefully enhance compatibility.

News - October 4, 2007 - Updated the Drawing Toolbar

The Drawing Toolbar has been updated. A lot of redesign has been made to hopefully enhance compatibility, but there are still some known issues I'm currently working on.

News - January 26, 2006 - Updated the Math Exercices Database

The Math Exercices Database has been updated.

Translations - Help requested!

Since more than a year, the Mathematics Toolbar is available in English and in French (was in French only before). However, I'm not so fluent in English (specially for mathematical terms) and any help is highly appreciated! Also, if you want some new language to be added, this is quite easily achievable, just contact me!

What others have said about the Mathematics Toolbar

Céline Millet, high-school mathematics teacher, Pontcharra, France:
The Mathematics Toolbar enables me to write quickly and nicely mathematical formula for any high-school needs. Also, when it comes to mathematical drawings, the Drawing Toolbar is of heavy rescue!